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Pink Leopard / Red Lips Style all by handmade

including : Set of a glass whisky bottle and a bottle cover


It's easy to carry and it's so cute! Not only Whisky, you can carry any beverage with this little one. Even water taste sweet when you are using a cute bottle!​


What are you still waiting for ?​Let's bring it home! 


Use coupon code: "buy 2 discount" to enjoy HKD $100 off for purschasing 2 or more sets of this limited Glass Whisky Bottle.


Bottle Material: Glass and Plastic

Volume about 300 ml

Limited Glass Whisky Bottle

HK$350.00 Regular Price
HK$280.00Sale Price
Color of the Rabbit cover
  • In order to best preserve the glass pattern, please avoid soaking and the use of an abrasive sponge. NO Microwave.

  • Ships in 3-5 Business days. If you need them sooner please let me know!

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