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Aroma Stone

Aroma stone is non toxic and lightweight. You can use the aroma stone to 

avoid insects with essential oils or relax with smells of your favorite aromas.

Simply hang it in guest room, bathroom or wherever you fancy, it will subtly fragrance with a delicate but not overpowering scent in the room. It becomes an exquisite interior decoration.


The scent can be refreshed from time to time with spray. It should last approximately 1 to 2 months. Make an everlasting aroma stones for your house or as a gift for a friend!

Choice of scent

  • Rose

  • Jasmine

  • Earl Grey

  • Chole

  • Chanel No.5

About the Lesson

  • Lesson Level: All Levels

  • Age Requirement: above 5 year old

  • Around 1 hour​


Clay 50g: HKD 250 (1  piece)

each additional Piece $200

fee includes clay, moulds rental fee, ribbon

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