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The Ojyuu 



陶瓷和風全盒小巧清雅,能點綴家居,為家中帶來一片日系風景。有客人到訪拜年時拿出來款客,大方得體。和風全盒體積纖巧,小家庭也很適合喔~ 平日用來放手飾小物也很合適的!



費用:$1200 (已包括所有材料,沒有時間限制)

The Ojyuu (Japanese Candy Box) 

​very popular in this season. But our box is available in the whole year.

Our porcelain Ojyuu is petite and elegant, and it can be an art piece of your sweet home, adding some oriental sweet elements to your living place. You can utilize your creativity to make it stylish and at the same time, with a scent of traditional Japanese blessing. You can either use it as candy box during Chinese New Year, or use it as your little jewelry box.

The Ojyuu is also a good handcraft gift idea for your beloved ones. Your friends must be surprised that they have such a talented friend, sending them a delicate handmade Ojyuu which is full of blessings.

The course fee has already covered all the materials’ cost and firing fee. There is no time limit for the course. You can work on it without time pressure.

We encourage students to create their Ojyuu in a relax manner, enjoying the time of creation. It’s a soothing therapy actually when you can slow down yourself and immerse in the creation process.


the Ojyuu


HKD $1,200

(include all materials fee and firing fee included, no time restriction)


all year around

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